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Apartment Communities and Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) require immediate animal waste pick up in all common areas. I understand that some communities require animal waste DNA testing up-front as a mandatory condition of leasing. I agree that if this is required by my specific community then it's my responsibility to pay for the DNA testing per the community's request/directive. I understand and agree that if animal waste DNA testing is not required up-front, at the time of leasing and Sky Hafford is suspected of repeatedly leaving fecal waste in common areas then, if requested in writing from my community's management/housing provider/property manager, I will participate in the animal waste DNA testing program within 5-days from the written request. Lastly, I understand and agree that the animal waste DNA test is my financial responsibility and I will submit payment at the time of testing. If I do not pay at the time of testing, then I agree to be billed by my community's management/housing provider/property manager the full cost of the animal waste DNA test plus an additional $50 administrative fee and a $10 monthly (every 30-days) reoccurring non-payment penalty. (Note: Assistance animal owners agree and understand that he/she must also remove his/her animal's waste immediately in all community common areas just the same as the waste pick-up rules applicable to pets. If an Assistance Animal owner is suspected of not picking up his/her animal's waste then animal owner agrees and understands that the housing provider may have the animal DNA tested at their expense, but if a positive match is made then the animal owner will be held responsible and accountable the same as the waste pick-up rules applicable for pet owners.)